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Rhymes That Shook A Young Adult Coloring Book (2021)

Life can be hard, but coloring doesn’t have to be. Take your time and enjoy this stress-free coloring book. The words rhyme like a poem with fun pictures to match. This inspirational gem may give your hands a workout, but it’ll keep your mind busy until the last page. Don’t quit!

Printable Coloring Pages

Have fun and enjoy these individual coloring pages. Pull out the crayons, coloring pencils, and markers. Get even more creative with paint. Take your time and unwind with this stress-free exercise. Coloring pages are from “Rhymes That Shook A Young Adult Coloring Book.”

The Richest Men on Earth (2021)

Follow the lives of three families that cross paths fueled from the threat of a son’s life and the innocence taken from another. When the dirt of the earth buries them all, it will take the love of a forgiving man to help them grow.

Cliff Lords: Weapons of Disaster (2019)

After losing his entire family, Biko encounters what he recalls to be a dream only to wake up in a house that he’s never been in before. After meeting two odd people, Biko learns that he is a powerful lord, and he must lead others in a war against the Disasters.


Charming Without Chance (Charming Series #1) (2015)

Logan Raquel Mitchell is a young woman who wasn’t looking for love, but it found her dressed as childhood classmate William Tanner and co-worker Brody King. Soon, she has to decide who she’ll give her heart to in this battle of love.

Charming Without Chance II: Crimson Love (Charming Series #2) (2016)

Logan Raquel Mitchell thought she could handle love, but it seems to be too much too soon. She feels she’s losing her best friend who is getting married and her boyfriend is asking for love that she can’t give. Her rescue seems to be in the arms of another man.

Bad Politics (2017)

From teenagers to adulthood, three women form a girl group like no other. Raci, Bre, and Isis are fighting to get their voices heard in the music industry. With male dominance, drama, and deceit, the women learn to stick together to form a union under bad politics.

104 & More Dates: Fun & Creative Things to do on a Budget (2018)

Dating can be hard, expensive, and require a lot of planning, but not anymore. Included in this book are two short stories about dating. There’s a list of dates that can also be shared with family and friends.

104 & More Dates: Fun & Creative Things to do on a Budget

I read it twice before writing this now. This was well written, and I love the fact that two stories were given to include the perspectives of reader(s), as happy customers of reading. That alone put me in position to think of myself reading, taking ideas from the book and discussing them with my wife. One of the suggestions even implied to read a book together as a date and the second story towards the end gave a good example and result of that. This book is full of ideas well enough to help expand the mind and think of others that weren’t even listed. They are great starting points for the beginner or expert dater. I now have 104 more days to look forward to! 

Shawn Dowdy

Artist & Music Producer

104 & More Dates: Fun & Creative Things to do on a Budget

The Dating Book to me is a eye opener.  It has humor, real life situations that make you reflect and re-position how you do ordinary things. This book is not just for singles but for married, too. The Dating Book will not just rejuvenate but bring some spice that you forgot you had in your relationship with that special one in your life.