My Story

Author and Artist Sharda photo

I am Author and Artist Sharda from Dallas, Texas. I create through books, painting, and media. Drawing is the first skill I learned as a child. Then, I took a liking to Language Arts and poetry. Ultimately, writing became the first talent that I showcased on a public platform. I published my first book “Charming Without Chance” in 2015.

CharactersHere is the house for all my creativity. Initially, it was about entertaining people. Now that I have a relationship with God, I aim to live as He has called me to live and to use my gifts to share His word and love with others. And yes, I’m still going to entertain you!

Look for my books under my author name SLF Entertainment. Listen to CharactersHere Podcast, and you could be the next special guest. For art collectors, you can look at my art store. Watch creative videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel LoveforMy4C. Enjoy!